Lecture material on Islam from our online course (Philosophy 33)

BeliefNet sources is a remarkable collection of materials on all religions.  This is their site for Islam.

A good source on Islam (includes a search engine)
Islamic Information Network
Nation of Islam (Rev. Farrakhan)

John Esposito writes about violence in Islam
    Here's a quote: "Americans have very little background about Muslims. Historically, Muslims were not visible in this country. Academically, too, Islam was not put with other [monotheistic] faiths, but with Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism. It was foreign. So you end up with generalizations. It's like if all you see is headlines about the Mafia, all Italians all become Mafia."
Some often controversial terms (definitions from the Sunni site

What is the meaning of Islam?
Islaam literally means "Total submission to the Will of Allaah". In this context, Islaam is the only religion recognised by Allaah. Its message (There is none truly worthy of worship except Allaah) was the same Message delivered by all Prophets. This divine religion was completed with revelations in the form of the Noble Qur.aan given to the last Prophet Muhammad (sal-Allaahu 'alayhe wa sallam).
Who is a Muslim?
Muslim: One who has totally submitted to the Will of Allaah. The name given to the followers of Islaam.

Does a jihad mean anything goes in warfare?  
Jihaad:  to strive hard, or to fight to defend one's life, property, freedom, and religion. It can also refer to an attempt to free other people from oppression and tyranny. Importantly, Islaam strongly opposes kidnapping, terrorism, or hijacking against civilian targets, even at the time of war.

What is a fatwa?
Fatwa (p. Fataawa):  legal ruling based upon the Qur.aan and the Sunnah, passed by a Scholar in response to a question.

A collection of Islamic images
    This is a site maintained by Muslim students at SUNY in Buffalo.