prepared by Doug McFerran for the LAMC faculty and students
last revised October 2, 2001

This is a site still being developed.  Many of the resources were located by using the site Academic Info.

Roots of Terrorism
An excellent quick background summary was provided in this editorial from the San Francisco Chronicle.
Middle East Media Research Institute offers translations from Arab media.

The links below are to separate pages in this directory.  Each has more annotated links.

    Understanding Islam as a faith is crucial.  What do Muslims believe?
Israel and the Palestinians
    What are the roots of the conflict?
Iraq and Iran
    We have already been caught up in military actions against these Islamic countries.  Learn more about them.
    The Taliban have shielded Osama bin Laden.  Who are they?  Who is he?
Operation Enduring Freedom
    President Bush has declared war on international terrorism.  What should we know about the problem?

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