For this assignment I want you to copy the following into the body of an email that you will send to me at dmcf34@yahoo.com.  Some of the arguments do show the informal fallacies we are discussing this week, others do not.  For each tell me whether you think it is an example of an informal fallacy and, if so, what is the label that might be used.  For the others (which might be thought of as 'look-alikes," arguments that only superficially resemble those that are fallacious), explain what is the difference.  One thing to be careful about: you might completely disagree with an argument and yet recognize that it is not fallacious.

1.  We should not elect Hillary Clinton if she is nominated because we know her husband cheated on her and she forgave him.  Doesn't that tell us she would be more likely to ignore corruption if it turns up in those who are close to the White House?
2.  We should elect Hillary Clinton because this would send a message to the rest of the world that women really do have equal opportunities.
3.  All illegal aliens should be arrested.  That is because they broke the law by entering or staying in the country as they did, and anyone who breaks the law should be arrested and punished.
4.  We need to stop arresting undocumented workers.  Most do pay taxes and contribute to the economy of the United States, and so there is a greater benefit it allowing them to stay than there is by arresting them.
5.  The fact that so many students do poorly in a logic course proves that it should never be a requirement.  No course that is too hard for the average student should ever be required.
6.  A logic course should be required of all students precisely because it is not easy.  That is because it will let us know whether students are really serious about their grades and are willing to work hard enough to get an an acceptable grade.
7.  That professor got a poor rating on ratemyprofessors.com, so that must mean he is a really bad teacher.
8.  That professor got a great rating on ratemyprofessors.com, but since there were only two individuals reporting, it may not mean at all that he is any good.
9.  You ought to buy a ticket for the lottery since you have just as good a chance of winning as anyone else.
10.  You should not buy a ticket for the lottery since the odds of winning are against you and you need to hang on to your money for other things.